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Stop worrying about your boss, parents or lecturers finding your social media profiles. My Digital Track helps you understand the impact of social media, and gives you all the tools you need to make sure the effects on your life are positive, not negative.

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Our service shows you the ways in which social media can affect your life, and also helps you make sure the impact your social media use has, is a positive one.

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Easy-to-understand overview

We’ll provide you with a dashboard and display all positive and negative points of your social activity affecting your score. We’ll notify you with anything suspicious, show how your posts affect your job opportunities, and even see your geographic locations, social activities over time and spending habits. It’s a bird’s eye view on your social media activity and social score!

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Our in-depth analysis of everything you post, share and say in your social media interactions can provide you with a better understanding of how you’re perceived on social media. Our expert analysis takes into account five key psychological personality traits, your most-used words, and the people you interact with the most. We help you to see the good and the bad of what you’ve been doing so far, and help you to be your best online self. This, in turn, can improve your financial, professional and personal standing.

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Increase your understanding and your score with our great social media guides. Written by our team of specialists, they’ll help you get more from social media, by showing you how to remove harmful content and use privacy settings to your advantage.

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