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Finally, an end-to-end VR video system to easily capture and distribute stunning live and
recorded stereoscopic VR and 360° video

End-to-end solution

  • Capture perfectly stitched stereoscopic VR video
  • Manage VR and 360° content from any camera
  • Distribute at high quality over today’s mobile networks

Live Stereoscopic magic

Imagine the possibilities with the only 4K stereoscopic VR camera for live streaming or recording.
Everything you need is onboard this grapefruit-sized miracle!


Make your life simple with intuitive content management tools for all your VR and 360° video needs.

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the world

Deliver high quality video even at mobile network bandwidths! At last, your audience can experience without compromise.
  • “Wow! Live Planet has delivered an integrated end-to-end VR system with best of breed components - it’s exactly what the industry has been waiting for.”
    - Brett Leonard / Virtuosity
  • “The camera’s stereoscopic VR is fantastic and feels real. And the on board stitching is a game changer for VR production. Amazing technology!”
    - Christina Heller / VR Playhouse
  • “Finally - a way to stream stereo VR to mobile headsets at great quality. Thank you Live Planet!”
    - Dirk Wallace / Evrywhere

Live Planet and you

How will you harness the power and potential of immersive video applications?
  • The LIVE PLANET System for Education
    Discover how your school can become part of the LIVE PLANET Universe.
  • The LIVE PLANET System for Media
    Explore how your media organization can befnefit from the LIVE PLANET System.
  • The LIVE PLANET System for Enterprise
    Find out how immersive media will create new possibilities for your business.

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