Legal Poker For Maine Residents

Maine offers a few legalized poker gambling options for its residents. It is quite legal for residents to play real money poker in private and at licensed gambling facilities. However, the state has not legalized online poker.

This page gives Maine residents a good idea of the legalities of playing for real money at offshore online poker rooms. Besides familiarizing residents with the online poker laws in their state, this page presents a list of top-rated Maine friendly online poker rooms.

Maine Poker Laws & Statutes

Section 952(4) of Maine law supplies a very broad definition of gambling. Risking any item of value on the results of “a contest of chance” not under one’s control, based on the understanding that one will win something of value in case of a certain result, is gambling; and it is illegal unless done in state-licensed gambling facilities. Section 952(11) is quite clear that illegal gambling is an action that does not have the state’s approval. Maine’s law books even explain that a “contest of chance” is any game that requires even the slightest degree of luck to win.

As for penalties, Maine tends to let off players caught taking part in illegal games lightly. But it deals harshly with companies and individuals running gambling businesses without the state’s approval and license. Operators of illegal gambling outfits in Maine can get a prison term of up to 10 years and a fine of up to $20,000.

According to Section 952 (4), Maine does not consider social gambling to be illegal. Home games are legal as long as they are played in private and nobody receives a commission.

Is it Legal to Play Online Poker in Maine?

Maine’s poker laws have nothing to say about the legality of playing online poker for real money. While it is illegal for operators to run online poker rooms within the state’s jurisdiction, a number of offshore online poker rooms accept Maine residents. The state has absolutely no power over these offshore poker sites because they are based in foreign countries. The state does not have any specific law that prevents its residents from playing online poker for real money. Since the state lacks the required laws, it can be considered legal for Maine residents to play real money online poker. The state cannot penalize any of its residents for breaking a law that does not exist.

However, the state does not license, authorize, or permit any operator to run online poker businesses in its jurisdiction. It is, therefore, not only illegal, but also dangerous for players to play online poker at an illegal online poker site based in Maine. But they can legally play real money online poker at the online poker sites we have recommended on this page.

Can I Get into Trouble for Playing Online Poker Maine?

There is no way players can get into trouble for playing real money online poker in Maine because they are not breaking any laws. Maine has no law prohibiting real money online poker play although it does not permit operators from running online poker businesses in its jurisdiction. If Maine residents come across an online poker room that claims to be operating in Maine, they can take it for granted that it is illegal because Maine does not have the legal or regulatory framework to license and authorize poker operators to run online poker sites.

However, it is perfectly safe and legal for players to sign up at any licensed offshore online poker room that accepts Maine residents. We have presented a list of safe and legal Maine offshore online poker sites. Players will never get into trouble for playing real money online poker at these sites simply because they do not violate any of Maine’s poker laws.

Legal Poker Sites That Accept Maine Players

Maine residents are increasingly asking about online poker and whether or not it is legal to play in online poker rooms. Not only is it legal, but it is fun and easy to do so. Any of the sites listed below are world renowned for their poker rooms and would be great starts for new players in Maine.

Bovada Poker - Most Trusted Online Poker Room For Maine

(213) 308-0280Speaking of world renowned, sites don’t get much more recognition than Bovada. Not only has Bovada operated it’s world class poker room for more than 20 years it has done so in the U.S. in just about every state for that entire two decade period. That is a long time of consistent, top notch service that only Bovada would be capable of.

One of ways that they have maintained this online poker juggernaut is by giving back to their players. They firmly believe that a happy customer is a player that will stay with a legal poker site and so far they have been right. How do they make their players happy? They give back 100% of the first deposit once you sign up at the Bovada poker room as you earns comp points by playing online. This means not only do new players win money from the games they play, but they also add to their bankroll as they play more and more games as Bovada returns their full first deposit in increments just for playing poker. It sounds too good to be true but a click on any banner or link on this site will quickly prove just how great Bovada is.

BetOnline Poker - All Maine Players 18+ Welcome Here

While many people have an enormous amount of fun playing poker, many people still primarily play it because they can make big bucks off it. Those players who really want to win big make sure to go to BetOnline. BetOnline has been called one of the most prestigious and profitable poker rooms on the web but it is also currently the official king of guaranteed tournaments.

If a player wants to play in guaranteed tournaments and wants to make bank by beating the competition then they need to go to (605) 526-5105. Each year they promise to offer at least $250,000 in guaranteed tournaments. Often times they exceed this amount by exorbitant amounts of money meaning their players win big every year. It is easy to see why BetOnline is so preferred by the poker community, after all it is hard to argue with the sheer amount of cold hard cash they offer.

Legal Maine Poker Sites Welcome Bonus What To Play Site Rating
Bovada Poker Play / Sign Up $1,000 FREE - 100% Match Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo - Stud Hi/Lo
BetOnline Poker Play / Sign Up Maximum $1K: 200% Rate Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
SportsBetting Play / Sign Up 200% Match / $1,000 Max Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo
5Dimes Poker (406) 989-4736 Vary Weekly - Check Website Texas Hold'em - Omaha Hi/Lo

Does Maine Have Legal Land-Based Poker?

Maine has a handful of commercial and Indian casinos that run poker cash games and tournaments. Residents can legally play poker for real money at licensed facilities such as Oxford Casino and Hollywood Casino Hotel and Raceway. Alternatively, players can safely and legally take part in home poker games organized throughout the length and breadth of Maine.

The law does not have anything against Maine residents playing real money poker at offshore online poker rooms. Maine residents are not breaking any law if they register at Maine friendly offshore online poker rooms and take part in online poker tournaments and ring games. The online poker sites we have mentioned are highly suitable for Maine residents. They not only accept poker players from Maine, but also give away grand bonuses and run qualifiers to prestigious live poker events.

Legal Land-Based Poker Rooms For Maine Players

Playing poker is legal in Maine as long as players do it in licensed gambling facilities. Since the state has nothing against social gambling, players are free to organize and take part in home poker games as long as no one makes a profit.

Maine does not penalize players even if they are caught taking part in illegal games. Owing to this, players can take part in any poker game organized in the state as they will never be considered to be in the wrong. Operators of poker games, however, need to be careful as the state does not tolerate any unlicensed gambling facilities in its jurisdiction.

Future of Poker/Online Poker in Maine

Online poker or any other form of online gambling for that matter does not appear to have a bright future in Maine. Lawmakers and the general public alike appear hostile to any proposal for gambling expansion within the state. Besides, the state has too small a population for online poker to be successful.

Maine is most likely to be one of the states that are waiting to see if legalized poker will be a success in other states. If online poker turns out to be a booming industry, the state is likely to consider forming interstate online poker compacts. As of now, Maine is least interested in online poker legalization.